Our Services

With over 38 years of experience, our clients and their families rely on Hovis & Associates to offer unbiased advice.  We are independent financial professionals committed to helping our clients pursue their financial goals.  Having a partner you can trust to guide and advise you through various life events is important.  Here are just a few of the services we provide our clients.

Investment Analysis & Management:  Our clients rely on our expertise to guide them with their investments.  We listen to better understand your goals and help you align your investments to best meet them.  Growing your assets is important; managing those assets as you take income distributions in retirement is even more critical.  Having diverse investments allows you to have options from which to fund your retirement lifestyle. 

Holistic Financial Planning:  Knowing that your money will last throughout your retirement gives you peace of mind.  One of our clients’ biggest fears is running out of money.  We perform a comprehensive analysis to ensure you can meet your basic needs as well as offer solutions to help you realize your dreams. 

Long-Term Care Planning:  Health care in retirement can be costly.  Medicare only covers skilled nursing care; it doesn’t cover custodial care.  We can help analyze potential risks and offer solutions to meet your health care needs as you age.

Wealth Transfer:  Clients are often confused about what their options and responsibilities are when they inherit different types of accounts.  Once your elections are made, they can’t be undone, and there could be unforeseen tax consequences.  It’s important to meet with a trusted financial professional to explain your options.  We can help make the complicated simple.